Delivery and sale
of pellets and heating

Our solutions

Twice a year, we carry out promotions on pellets to give you the best prices!

Traditional wood logs

  • Practical and efficient, there is nothing like a beautiful fire in the fireplace to warm up in the middle of winter.

  • Avoid the usual constraints associated with this type of heating: splitting, storing, soiling, etc.

  • With Bertelé Énergies, you order only what you need and benefit from energy-efficient logs meeting the new technical requirements of wood-burning appliances.

  • Available all year round and very dry, the logs and their high calorific power will seduce you and their cleanliness due to the cleaning of drum debarking.

  • 100% French wood
    100% hardwood (oak, hornbeam and beech)
    Packaged in bales for outdoor storage
  • Available in different cutting formats

Sale of pellets in bulk or in bags

  • Our wood pellets guarantee low dust production. Certified DIN + and EN +, opt for quality products.

  • We market our pellets in 8 or 15 kg bags.

  • Our Pellets Éco2 bag pellets ensure a perfect operation of your stove and bring you maximum energy.

The compressed logs

  • With our logs of compressed wood, you reduce considerably your storage space but especially your consumption. A pallet of 990 kg of our compressed logs is equivalent to about 3 or 4 steres of dry oak.

  • Suitable for woodstoves and fireplaces, they are a perfect replacement for traditional logs.

  • Saving space, saving heating, natural and ecological product, its advantages are numerous.

Wood chips

  • With a maximum moisture content of 24% after being dried, our wood chips are ideal for small and medium boiler rooms.

  • From the grinding of hardwoods and softwoods, we guarantee a supply throughout the year thanks to large stocks.